Saturday, August 23, 2014

Charles Wang you are a misunderstood genius

Charlie Wang I want to party with you.
I'm writing an article right now for The Hockey Writers on Charles Wang and the recent sale of the Islanders. I think people are missing just what a big story this is. You have one of the Old Pete's of the NHL ownership group pulling a bunch of crazy Wang'ian moves at the zero hour, a mysterious ownership group and an odd obsession with sumos as goaltenders.

This sale also means the entire balance of the Eastern Conference can shift rapidly as the Islanders are a young team brimming with a lot of talent and with a competent ownership group they could see themselves have an impressive surge like the Blackhawks.

Anyway, my next article is dropping in a few days on The Hockey Writers keep an eye out for it here and there. It's a really interesting story with some unique twists that doesn't seem to be getting a lot of media attention.

I admit I'm a little warped...

I admit I'm a little warped. I saw this picture and my first thought was "God I can't wait for the hockey season."

Brad May We Remember

In one of the nastiest games I can remember, Brad May scored two goals and was the eye of the Canuck rage against a very dirty Avalanche team that had previously taken out the Canucks' superstar Markus Naslund. This was also the infamous game where Bertuzzi slugged Moore from behind. The Canuck faithful had been complaining about May's salary all season and didn't feel like he really had a place on the team. However I felt he earned his entire year's salary in this one game.

The Progression of BVB to Bubba

Ladies and Gentlemen, MY NAME IS BUBBA LACKEY...

...Sorry, I'm a Paul Heyman guy. 

You may be wondering why we switched from to You may also be wondering why there was a three year gap in writing. Well long story short I have been an off and on sports journalist for almost fifteen years now. This blog has always been a place to collect my random ramblings, tirades and moments of sheer brilliance on all things NHL. After working in the salt mines and gulags non-stop for the last couple of years, I suddenly find myself with a dream house in the middle of nowhere, the NHL Center Ice package and the desire to nerd out on hockey all winter.

Having the opportunity to relax in paradise and obsess on all things NHL has rekindled my desire to put on my doctor of sports journalism hat. So the good people at The Hockey Writers have brought Bubba on for the season. Here at you'll find my collection of articles, rants and all things I write NHL.

I'm very excited to bring the truth to the masses, obsess on all things NHL and be the most entertaining voice in hockey punditry.

I'm excited to announce...

I'm excited to announce I'll be a writer and one of the Chief Punks at The Hockey Writers ( this season. I obviously haven't professionally written about hockey in a few years but I'm very excited to nerd out and tell the world the truth it's so sorely lacking. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 22, 2014

One of my favorite little moments as a Canucks fan...

One of my favorite little moments of all-time. The Canucks had been getting pushed around all season by tougher teams. A grinding miracle Flames team filled with a lot of notorious tough players had been bullying the Canucks all season. When off the waiver wire the Canucks got a relatively unknown but extremely captivating pair of fists in Wade Brookbank from the Predators. In Brookbank's first game as a Canuck which was ironically against the bullying Flames, he does this to the Flames' top enforcer and chief punk, Kryzsztof Oliwa. The worm had turned on that season.