Saturday, August 23, 2014

Charles Wang you are a misunderstood genius

Charlie Wang I want to party with you.
I'm writing an article right now for The Hockey Writers on Charles Wang and the recent sale of the Islanders. I think people are missing just what a big story this is. You have one of the Old Pete's of the NHL ownership group pulling a bunch of crazy Wang'ian moves at the zero hour, a mysterious ownership group and an odd obsession with sumos as goaltenders.

This sale also means the entire balance of the Eastern Conference can shift rapidly as the Islanders are a young team brimming with a lot of talent and with a competent ownership group they could see themselves have an impressive surge like the Blackhawks.

Anyway, my next article is dropping in a few days on The Hockey Writers keep an eye out for it here and there. It's a really interesting story with some unique twists that doesn't seem to be getting a lot of media attention.

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