Saturday, December 11, 2010

&&$#%#$^ WTF ISLANDERS!!! And the Destruction of John Tavares

I honestly think this Isles team is one of the worst I've seen in the last decade. I mean absolutely no disrespect as I'm a closet Isles fan but as a guy who watches a lot of hockey this team talent wise is just impressively bad. I really admire Tavares' game and I think he has an insane amount of talent. However he has absolutely no one to play with and other teams key in on him. There are some legit knocks on his game in my opinion. The fact that he diminishes in physical games and the fact that he seems to get absolutely leveled on a regular basis. Also despite vast and encouraging improvements in his speed from last year, he's still a very awkward skater. Honestly right now Tavares' development curve reminds me a lot of Joe Thornton who had similar precocious years when first entering this league. The Islanders desperately need to get Tavares someone to play with though, it's like their trying to hurt his development.