Sunday, September 12, 2010

There's something strange between the Canucks and Hodgson


What is going on with this team and top prospect Cody Hodgson? In a near repeat of training camp's past Canucks Head Coach Alain Vigneault addressed the media about Cody Hodgson recently saying that Hodgson would not be attending rookies camp and then gruffly avoiding any other questions about Hodgson except to infer there may still be medical problems with Hodgson. This is almost a direct repeat of last year's training camp where Hodgson alleged that he was pushed by team officials to play through injury only to sustain a near season ending injury and the latest in a strange icy relationship between Hodgson and the Canucks. We have absolutely no idea what this apparent tension between AV and Hodgson is about but we'll keep paying attention and see if anything comes of it.

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