Friday, August 20, 2010

Willie Mitchell/Kevin Bieksa Buzz... Again...

Apparently there's some buzz beginning to generate around the Vancouver Canucks as UFA defenseman Willie Mitchell says he will not make a decision about his future team until after this weekend. It's rumored right now that Van, LA, SJ, and Wash are in the hunt for Mitchell's services. Mitchell was rumored to be in LA sometime in the last week and the buzz has been that LA was his most likely destination. However now the buzz thinks Mitchell is waiting for Gillis to move Bieksa out before signing with the team. It would make sense as Mitchell has become a cornerstone on the backend in Vancouver and is originally from British Columbia. I also think one could argue that the Canucks would have the best defense on paper if Mitchell returns to VanCity. Things seem to be heating up in Vancouver.

My prediction: This is going to be controversial but right now if Mitchell is going to sign in Vancouver, I'd imagine it would a deal between 3 to 4 million for three years.

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