Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Patric Hornqvist Remember that name Patric Hornqvist

So my boy Patric Hornqvist finally re-signed with the Nashville Predators today. 9.25 million over 3 years (3.08 cap hit) and looks to be a center piece on their top line.

Keep your eyes on this kid. I stumbled on to him last season and was enthralled with his game. I've never seen anyone be able to dipsy doodle in close on the paint like he can. Not to mention last season was his first full year in the NHL and he was 23rd in goals scored and 14th in SOG. He's the supreme undercover fantasy hockey pick-up.

There will be more hype on Hornqvist in this blog as time goes along. But I just wanted to remind the good hockey fans out there to remember his name.

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