Friday, September 12, 2014

Initial Notes for the 9/12 Game between the Canucks and Oilers

Valk is making Bubba look like a genius!

Valk - This kid has the skills to pay the bill. I initially picked him to be the most impressive Canuck in the tournament and so far I'm looking good. He needs a pro contract and to score 50-60 points a year in Utica for the next two years.

Subban - Had some defensive gaffs but showed extremely talented puck handling and skating. Also showed he can handle physical play tonight. He's going to need a few years to play NHL level defense but he's the only real Canucks defensive prospect at the tournament.

Fox - I really didn't think he'd have the speed to compete at this level but displays a near elite shot and the ability to get it off anywhere. I feel like his game is a combination of Steve Ott and Brett Hull. Great prospect for the system.

Lotz - Good junior goaltender who held the Canucks in the game tonight. I don't feel he's worth a pro contract but it'll be interesting to see where he winds up.


Jensen - He's the oldest Canucks forward, a former first round pick and shouldn't even be technically playing in this tournament with his pro experience. Really showed an inability to play with teammates or have much creativity in the offensive zone. He should be dominating this tournament but just looked foolish the few times he was noticeable. Canucks need to trade this guy for something soon before they lose an asset for nothing.

Blain - This guy is terrible and the fact that he's the oldest Canuck in the tournament and has a pro contract is  worthy. I have to wonder if he'd even be ECHL material with the amount of defensive gaffs he made tonight.

Liberati - The guy can skate but that's about it. Really see nothing in his game that leads me to believe he'll be a decent pro.

Gaunce - Avoided physical play and just kind of floated around out there. Really didn't show anything and drew unfavorable comparisons to Taylor Pyatt.

Everyone else was just kind meh.

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