Friday, September 5, 2014

A Quick Blurb On Why Sergei Bobrovsky Is One Of The Best In The World

Get to know Bobrovsky before the neck beards claim him.

Here's a quick blurb and my case for why Sergei Bobrovsky is one of the best goaltenders in the world and why he's a huge man crush of mine. If you go back in this blog's archives you can see me hyping the heck out of this kid back when he first entered the NHL.

Bobrovsky came out of nowhere in Russia to be the number one cop on the force. He started out working his way up in Russia to ascend to being the number one goaltender for Metallurg Novokuznetsk which didn't have any sort of goalie training or coaching in it's program, Bobrovsky just kept beating out other goaltenders purely on his natural ability. Flyers saw him and wanted to draft him but didn't think they could get him out of Russia. So he went undrafted until the Flyers signed him as an international free agent after he came out of nowhere again to tear up a World Championships tournament for Russia. Came over to a completely new country, league and style of hockey at 22-years old. Everyone thought he was going to mature in the AHL for awhile but he again beat out all the other Flyers netminders (not like that was hard) to make the NHL team. He was raw as hell and had some quirks in his game but was definitely the hardest working, most passionate and most talented goalie they've had in years. However Bobrovsky had a problem with wearing down over the course of a NHL season because he never had such a work load before and he was still just a raw kid. So the Flyers were like "Fuck we need goaltending for? We're the Philadelphia Flyers! LOL! Here Bryzgalov take a nine year contract and fuck the best young goalie in the league! I'm PAUL HOLMGREEN BITCH!" and then shipped off to Columbus where he's quietly emerged already as a top five goalie and former Vezina winner in his four years in the league. How can you not love this kid? He's the real deal.

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