Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Ducks... Really?

Have fun with your 5 million dollar injury prone bitchy second center.
It's weird to me that people think the Ducks are going to be the team in the West this year. Their only consistent offensive threat is Perry with a wildly inconsistent Getzlaf and an injury prone (and frankly overrated) Ryan Kesler in their forward group.

They have a good young defense but that's what they are... a good young defense. They don't have a definitive number one or minutes eater on their blue line. And their kids could all have rough seasons.

The Ducks goaltending is completely uncertain. I'm huge on Gibson being the second best goaltending prospect in the game (behind Lehner) but realistically he's a few years away. Then you have some good but young unproven goaltenders behind him. This just seems like the Capitals or Maple Leafs blunders where they rely on a platoon of good young prospective goalies and then break them mentally one by one.

I'm not saying they're not a good team, I just don't understand how people can think they're the best in the west.

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