Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just a quick blurb on my new man crush

Nikita Tryamkin
Canuck fans, allow me to introduce you to your new God.

The beginning notes of the new Benning era have brought a combination of concern and jubilation. I was a big Mike Gillis fan thinking he was the best general manager in the Canucks history. I also think he was fired too hastily, although I respect the move. The hiring of Jim Benning has brought some refreshing changes to the Canucks. The biggest in my opinion was the drafting of prospect Nikita Tryamkin.

Gillis was a great general manager in a lot of respects but an abysmal failure in others. One of the bigger knocks against him was his inability to develop youth and his unwillingness to draft or sign Russians. In one move Benning took a swing at both and may come off looking like a genius taking boom or bust prospect Nikita Tryamkin in the 3rd round of the 2014 draft.

Tryamkin is a 20-year old 6'7 defenseman who's been played in the KHL since 18-years old. Tryamkin has been passed over in the last two drafts and was left off of the Russian National U-20 team until last year due to internal politics of the national program. Finally this year Tryamkin played in the U-20 World Championships drawing praise for his impressive skating ability and three zone play.

I personally have been a huge Tryamkin believer since discovering him in 2013. I always thought he wasn't drafted despite being one of the most physical ready NHL prospects in the world. The drafting of an overaged Russian is not only completely uncharacteristic of the Vancouver Canucks but an out right revolution.

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