Friday, October 1, 2010

Notes from CBJ Vs. MIN from 09/30/10

Blinking S.O.S. unconsciously

Well I managed to catch the CBJ Vs. Minny pre-season game this morning thanks to NHL Network running all the pre-season games in the A.M. (greatest idea ever) So I've been managing to catch a lot of games from teams I normally wouldn't get the chance to. I was interested to see what the Blue Jackets look like under Arniel.

Blue Jackets look miles ahead of where they were last season with hard work and effort. However there is still a lack of top end talent both up front and on the back end which is quite apparent.

Nash is looking like Iginla has in recent years. Very frustrated that he doesn't have anyone to play with who can anticipate what he's thinking.

The Blue Jackets have a respectable group of talent up front and it looks like their offense will be much improved this season.

Steve Mason also looks improved but is going to get blasted this season with shots behind a small defense.

The Blue Jackets desperately need some more talent on their back end. They don't look like they have a single guy that could be considered a first pairing defenseman.

The CBJ are noticeably playing Arniel's system and seem to be buying in as they're exhibiting an aggressive forecheck and collapsing defensive style characteristic of Arniel's work in Manitoba. My question is how long are they going to continue to buy into the system and how long with this system be able to cover the CBJ's weakness on the back end.

Scott Arniel will be a finalist for coach of the year. Book it.

It's going to be another long season for Minnesota fans.

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